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Robot Yog
Year 2018

FIRST Robotics Competition

not to be confused with the 2018 team member of the same name

About Yog

Khanquistador was built for the 2018 FRC game FIRST PowerUp. It was named after Yog Vaghani, who demonstrated the functionality of his Robot Idea in such a humorous way that the Robot would be dubbed after his depiction of its large, swinging arms.

Drive Train

  • 6 pneumatic wheels
  • Raised front wheel


  • Arm System comprised of two dart actuators which moved in sync to move cube
  • Was controlled via MIND-NUMBINGLY INSANE PID Law of Cosines Code that took 5 years off of Tejas Shah's life


  • Pneumatic Grabber that forcefully grabs the cube between two pads of Neoprene Rubber/Unobtanium
  • Originally used Soccer Cleats to dig into Cube's side, but rubber worked better


  • Can score on both Switch and Scale, as well as load vault


  • Thanks to Sumedh Garimella and Ian Yelle, this Robot's Autonomous was on-point, with a wide variety of functions for every position and any combination of switch and scale


  • Main robot code written in Java
  • Held in a Github repository to allow version control and the swapping of laptops for coding


The team won the Industrial Design Award at the 2018 Duluth Districts Event