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Swervin' Mervin'

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Swervin' Mervin'
Robot Swervin' Mervin'
Year 2006

FIRST Robotics Competition

Swervin' Mervin' was built for the 2006 season.

Swervin' Mervin' was able to reliably score multiple balls in the center goal in Aim High. Combined with its highly maneuverable swerve drive and it's ability to pick up balls by driving over them, it was a force to reckon with, and it won the 2006 Peachtree Regional.



Swervin' Mervin' had a very special drivetrain - swerve drive. In short, this allowed the robot to move in any direction very easily by simple rotating the direction of the wheels individually.


Due to weight issues, the robot had to be "swiss-cheesed", a process in which the non-critical components are cut with a hole saw in order to reduce weight.

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