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Strategy Lead

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The Strategy Lead is a unique leadership role created specifically to adapt to the growing need for Strategy when going into a competition. Strategy in this context can mean how you build and drive your robot, as well as how you scout and how you pick your alliance partners. This role is basically geared towards competition day and the many things that occur at competition.

Job Requirements

The Strategy Lead is responsible for laying out the game on Kickoff Day and leading the discussion in how to design our Robot. They are also integral in micro-managing the match strategy that will be executed on competition day, and being the communication between the Scouts' data and the Drivers' actions.

Scouting Lead

Thanks to the ABSOLUTE GODSEND known as Tejas Shah, 1261 has a fully-functional Scouting Application located here. The use of this application coincides strongly with how Strategy is created and shifts throughout a competition, so therefore it is a very large requirement that the Strategy Lead know how to work/fix the Scouting App, or is able to lean on someone who does heavily. In 2020 and 2021, Tejas himself was the Strategy Lead, so there was never a doubt in anyone's mind that this role wouldn't be filled to the utmost perfection. NEVER in his illustrious career has an error occurred on the Scouting Application, and NEVER has a mentor accidentally deleted it. It is and forever will be the most perfect piece of software ever written.

Previous Strategy Leads

  Strategy Lead
2021 Tejas Shah
2020 Tejas Shah
2019 Tyler Son
Christina Fortson