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Upload Pumbaa.jpg
Robot Pumbaa
Year 2019

FIRST Robotics Competition

About Pumbaa

Pumbaa was built for the 2019 FRC game Destination: Deep Space. It was named because of its appearance resembling the Lion King Character Pumbaa (and also we're lions so it makes sense). Also referred to as "LuongShot", named after President Natalie Luong that year.

Drive Train

  • 6 wheels, with 4 omni-directional wheels on the corners and 2 traction wheels in the centers


  • Very complex Arm system consisting of two Pneumatic Pistons and a Dart Actuator to actuate an entire Intake System


  • Intake cleverly designed by Emily Winters that allowed us to pick up both Hatches and Cargo Balls
  • A later revision added a "Tongue" to the Hatch part of the intake to better hold onto the disc


  • Can score both hatches and cargo in the lowest goals (ex. all of cargo bay and lowest level of rockets)
  • Able to climb up to Level 2 upon revision during Forsyth event
  • Utilizes Vision Tracking via a LimeLight to better place the hatches and cargo into their goals


  • At his height, Pumbaa had a "Rocket, Go Back" Auto routine that paralleled that of team 254, the greatest and richest team in the world


  • Main robot code written in Java
  • Held in a Github repository to allow version control and the swapping of laptops for coding
  • Vision Tracking written in Java thanks to LimeLight and Ava Byrd


The team won the Autonomous Award at the Albany Event, the Safety Award at the Forsyth Event, and qualified for Worlds "semi-legally".