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The team logo is the identity of the team when the team appears in various forms of media and when the team attends regionals and other robotics events.

Over the years, the team logo has changed forms, but the general idea remains the same - the team is the Robo Lions of Peachtree Ridge High School.

Oval Lion (2013 to Present)

The circuit lion in an oval.

The "circuit lion" was modified so it included the school colors and it is also known to be the team's brand.

Circuit Lion (2007)

The circuit lion in digitized form.
The original drawing of the circuit lion drawn with a alternate logo idea.

The "circuit lion" as it has been dubbed was drawn by Hanna Lin and her mom in 2007.[Citation Needed] The team was looking for a different look and the new lion appealed to the team members in 2007.

The circuit lion features only a modified Peachtree Ridge High School mascot lion. The lion has been modified so that the lion's mane is not entirely present as it turns into electrical circuitry as the drawing moves away from the lion's face.

The lion features no team or school colors. The lion is usually printed with the lion being dark blue or black.

The circuit lion has been used up until the present, with no major or minor changes. The logo has appeared on every major team media item since it's creation.

Nut and Bolt Lion (2006 to 2007)

The nut and bolt lion appearing on a button in 2006.

The nut and bolt lion only lasted one year, from 2006 to 2007.

The logo featured the Peachtree Ridge High School lion mascot biting/eating the text "Robo Lions". The logo is colored in red, white, and blue. The lion is encased in a rectangle which has four bolts in the corners ilke a metal panel bolted onto a structure.

It is unknown who designed this logo.

School Lion (Pre-2006)

The school lion appearing on a button in 2005.

Before 2006, the team was not very experienced, so this perhaps is the first logo for the team.[Citation Needed]

The school lion was simply the school's mascot encased in a triangle with bolts. Perhaps the triangle represented one of the shapes in FIRST's logo, but it is unknown what exactly the reason for the placement of the triangle.

It is unknown who created this logo design.