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Logan Chassis

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Logan Chassis
Robot Logan Chassis
Year 2010

FIRST Robotics Competition

The Logan Chassis was a tank style drivetrain that was built in the beginning of the season of 2010.

The design proved to be a innovative idea, but the overall stability of the robot as it climbed and went over the bump proved to be too unstable to do it without assistance or a dead weight.


The Logan Chassis was overall predicted to be overweight due to the numerous amount of 80/20 required to just build the drivetrain. Though actuality proved otherwise with the chassis weighing close to the Tanner Chassis.

Logan Chassis pt. 2


Logan Su arranged the wheels in such a way that there would always be one touching the bump as it climbed and went over the bump. The designed called for eight plaction wheels from AndyMark. The inner two wheels were six inches in diameter while the two outer raised wheels were four inches in diameter.[Citation Needed]


The Logan Chassis was controlled via one XBox 360 controller.


Driving was done on one XBox 360 controller. Initially the driving was tank drive using both of the small joysticks, but was later converted to a arcade drive of sorts with the Y axis on the left joystick and the X axis on the right joystick.


Any manipulation components never made it to the robot, so there was no need for any controls.


Programming was mainly done by Tanner Smith and a few changes by David Cox.

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