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LabVIEW is a visual programming language. In the 2009 FIRST FRC season it was introduced along with the National Instruments cRIO.


LabVIEW features a uncommon graphical programming language. Instead of writing lines of code, programmers now drag blocks of Virtual Instruments "code". Features of LabVIEW include:

  • Ease of use for new programmers
  • Advanced, real-time debugging capabilities

One feature that LabVIEW lacks is the ability to mesh well with Version Control Systems such as Git or SVN.

In the Team

From 2009 to 2013, the team used LabVIEW as their programming language. The reasons behind this were that LabVIEW had amazing debugging capabilities that blew the other options (Java and C++) out of the water. For this reason and this reason only Tanner Smith made the decision to try out LabVIEW and the team has used it ever since. Though in the 2014 season the team programmed mainly in Java for FRC, LabVIEW still is a supported programming language.

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