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Robot Khanquistador
Year 2016

FIRST Robotics Competition

About Khanquistador

Khanquistador was built for the 2016 FRC game Stronghold. It was named after the president of the club at the time, Nabil Khan.

Drive Train

  • 6 pneumatic wheels
  • Raised front wheel for easy defense crossing


  • Flywheel shooter with ability to shoot from any angle in the courtyard
  • Vision tracks high goals to make consistent shots


  • Though this year's game included a climbing aspect, our team was never able to climb in competition. We did, however, try several different prototypes for climbing
    • A springloaded arm system using the tension of surgical tubing to push an arm up to the bar and hook on
    • A hook launched by a spring that would hit the hanging bar and snap closed over it
    • Both of the above delivery systems would bring a rope up to the top and the robot would winch itself up with the rope from a motor mounted approximately in the center of the robot.


  • Can do all defenses except drawbridge without other assistance
  • Can shoot high and low goals
  • Vision tracks goals for accurate shots every time
  • Several autonomous modes including crossing a defense and shooting in the high goal
  • Climbing capabilities


  • Can cross all defenses except for Portcullis, Sally Door, and Drawbridge
  • NavX attached to the robot detects when we have finished crossing a defense
  • Laser Rangefinder stops the robot once it reaches the pre-determined distance from the wall
  • Uses vision tracking to aim and make a high goal shot after crossing the defense


  • Main robot code written in Java
  • Held in a Github repository to allow version control and the swapping of laptops for coding
  • Vision Tracking written in Python


The team won the 2016 Albany Districts Event with Khanquistador, as well as winning the Industrial Design award at the Columbus District Event.

External Links

  • For more build info on Khanquistador, check the member's build blog here. Members: you must be logged in to your @prhsrobotics account in order to view this site.
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