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In this year, the Robo Lions participated in both FRC and VRC. 2014 was marked by a revamp in the organization and productivity of the organization. Acting professionally, members planned out goals and objectives on calendars, agendas, and tables to allow prepare for a busy build season.

This year's build season was also unusually marred by two waves of snowstorms, possibly caused by global climate change, which rendered the team unable to work at school for at least 6 days.

Team picture of the Robo Lions in 2014



Fall Activities

VEX Robotics Competition

The 2013 - 2014 game was VEX Toss Up.

VEX Qualifier

The Robo Lions hosted their annual VEX Qualifier event at their school. Notably, Daniel Li sang the national anthem during the event's opening ceremony.

Team 1261C from Peachtree Ridge won the tournament with their alliance.


Mason STEM Day was first held May 8th, 2014 by Mason Elementary, with the Robo Lions in participation of the first STEM Day in the cluster. The Robo Lions led an activity and demonstrated the 2014 Aerial Assist Genesis Robot as well as one of the VEX robots. The t-shirt bot was a huge success with one child recounting, “Once they fired that t-shirt robot, nobody was friends with anybody.” From this event, efforts to begin an FLL team were initiated at Mason. The team was tasked with creating an activity that allowed for the vocabulary of the design process to be applied in a hands-on setting. Because we were hosting third, fourth, and fifth graders, the activity also had to be adaptable to a variety of ages and skill levels. The challenge mirrored he FRC build season, in that it began with a problem, they had a limit on their materials, time was restricted, and constraints were placed on the final product. Overall, the activity was successful for an inaugural try at this sort of outreach. Room for improvement is always considered. From the first year of doing this, we learned that everything takes longer than you expect it to, so the simpler the activity, the better for keeping on schedule. Also, assembling materials can take a very long time, and only increases with more materials, so sweet and simple is a good thing.

FIRST Robotics Competition


The 2014 FRC game was Aerial Assist.


The robot that won Palmetto Regional was dubbed "Genesis," as a symbol of the restructure and reform the team has undertaken this year.

Field Team


Palmetto Regional

The team this year carpooled down to Myrtle Beach for the Palmetto Regional competition, where they worked hard to win with alliance captain 3824 HVA RoHAWKtics and alliance partner 4935 T-Rex.

Final Match at Palmetto

Peachtree Regional

This year marked the Peachtree Regional's move from Gwinnett Arena to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.


The Robo Lions also won the Industrial Design Award.

Off-Season Activities



  • Number of Members: 39
  • Number of Female Members: 12
  • Number of Male Members: 27
  • Number of Mentors: 8
  • Number of Freshmen: 13
  • Number of Sophomores: 5
  • Number of Juniors: 12
  • Number of Seniors: 9


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